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Music Works (Halton) Showcase

Music Works (Halton) Showcase  Rising Stars have spent the last 5 weeks at @CRMZ in Halton with 10 young people ages 11 – 16 on ‘Music Works Halton‘ project.  Participants were involved in various music activities including production, lyrics writing and rapping.  The workshops not only taught the young people about writing music but to .. read more.

Video Production Co-ordinator Opportunity

Video Production Co-ordinator Opportunity Rising Stars are looking for a Video Production Coordinator to shoot, edit, archive and manage in-house video content for our YouTube channel.  Applicants are required to have their own camera, editing software and be a proficient editor and camera operator. JOB TITLE:  Video Production Co-ordinator This is a part time post .. read more.

Exploration of Fashion & Graffiti Show

Exploration of Fashion & Exhibition (Part 1) Exploration of Fashion & Exhibition ft Brinny Boys (Part 2)

Music Works Halton

‘Music Works Halton’ is a 6 weeks music production, song writing and recording workshop for young people age 13 – 16 year olds living in and around Halton.  The workshops will run from CRMZ Studio for two hours every Tuesday starting 22nd April with a final performance on the 5th of June. We are encouraging .. read more.