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In the studio with Blizzard

‘In the studio with Blizzard’ will give 5 young aspiring musicians age 13 – 19 years the opportunity of working with some of Manchester’s Rising Stars (vocalists, song writers, producers, rappers and DJs). 5 young musicians will be recruited every month and given 4 hours in the studio to produce, write, and record a song .. read more.

Sponsor a Rising Stars event

Sponsor a Block Party We held two summer ‘Block Party’ events last year in Stockport, one in June at Lancashire Hill (Stockport Central), another in Brinnington in July.  Both events were led by residents, young people, local DJs and artists who graced the stage with various performances from spoken words to back-to-back DJ sets. Summer .. read more.

Exploration of Fashion

Exploration of Fashion & Textiles ‘Exploration of Fashion’ is a three part workshop.  The workshops will focus textile printing and designs, tie dye, and cultural wears from African to Asian prints.  Participants can partake in the design and printing process.  The workshops will culminate to a fashion show on the 29th of March at Brinnington .. read more.

ITV and Media Trust offers 18 – 25 year olds opportunity of ‘Breaking Into News!’

What it’s all about? Media Trust and ITV News have partnered to launch Breaking Into News to offer 18-25 year olds the chance to be mentored by experienced broadcast journalists from the ITV newsroom in writing, reporting and production skills. The initiative is specifically designed to encourage diversity in broadcast journalism and to support young people from across the country .. read more.