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Our Vision

Building skills and confidence through creativity

At Rising Stars North West, we understand the power of creativity.  We work with young people in some of Greater Manchester’s most deprived areas, using creative skills and interactive workshops to:

  • Build confidence and self-worth
  • Boost literacy and numeracy levels
  • Give young people transferable skills
  • Drive young people towards employment
  • Develop social, emotional and communication skills
  • Bring young people, families and communities together

Employment opportunities for young people

Young people in Greater Manchester and beyond are facing so many hurdles in today’s society:

  • High rates of youth poverty
  • Increasing levels of long-term youth unemployment
  • University tuition fees that are out of many young people’s reach

Rising Stars North West is about giving young people in Greater Manchester the tools to overcome these obstacles.

Creative employment for young people

By helping young people in Greater Manchester to learn and develop creative skills, we’re preparing them to go out and seek employment in the creative sector.

From promotion to production, design to dance, and fashion to filmography, the creative industry is still one of the fastest-growing employment sectors in the UK.

So while our interactive workshops for young people might sound like a lot of fun – and they are! – they’re also an invaluable tool for young people looking to take their first steps into a job.

Want to know more about Rising Stars North West?

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